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Emily McK
16 May 2009 @ 10:56 pm

There’s a spindle of thread to my heart, and it weaves through your mind;
For so long we have been in sync, string tied in a bow from head to heart
but lately something’s come undone, an unraveling when I glance at you.
Eyes like dazzling headlights down a gravel road,
that summer smile comes so easily to your lips, I can’t resist-
What are you thinking?
With a smile on my face, left eyebrow raised with the pulling of your thread.
Seems like when all else is falling apart, you and I remain attached,
but not this time.
Not this time; a sudden tug on my heart brings about tears,
you close your eyes, for you cannot tolerate pain. You never could.
A fault in our thread could bring the end of this road.
A more secure knot is solid compromise.
Don’t try to save me now.
But we are one, and the spindle to my heart ravels you closer,
close enough to hear your sweet words.
I must go.
It’s never enough to say I love you, but that is all I have.
We are not a mistake.
My thread has run low, my spindle reaching it’s end,
offering you my hand won’t heal this type of fall.
Suddenly, we are unattached, isolated-
my hands release the scissors which have lingered for so long,
they strike the floor and remain still, closed.
We’re no good detached.
Those headlights never looked so dim.
Emily McK
03 April 2009 @ 09:41 pm
Ryan Nicholas Rategan! Has it been a year already since i've seen you? ah, boy, i'm going to visit you & your mom tomorrow :) i can't wait to come see you. i love you with all my heart, Ryan, and i hope you know that's forever. i know that when i take these huge leaps of faith, you're always with me <3